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Surat Sedih Dari PromoteBurner

Setelah kemaren berduka karena Manchester United gagal menjuarai Liga Inggris 2009/2010, ehhh tadi sore aku dapat email yang menyedihkan juga dari AXverta Advertising Network yang notabene adalah induk dari situs CPM PromoteBurner.

Berikut isinya :

Dear PromoteBurner user,
My name is Michael, and I am from aXverta Advertising Network.
I have few informations and news about PromoteBurner for you.
The previous PromoteBurner.com owner has promised to us that he sends us money for March
payments till 3rd May but up to now we have not received the money.

Moreover, the former owner ignores all our emails and appeals for due amount payment for March.
Also, we regret to inform You that we are forced to cancel payments via PayPal.com because
PayPal.com is very unreliable and dangerous system.
PayPal has blocked our account without warning and ignores all our emails.
But do not worry, You will surely receive Your money but at the moment You need to find a substitute for PayPal.com.
We also plan in few days / weeks to invest $20.000 into PromoteBurner.co system to better it and improve its services.
You can look forward to many new improvements, much higher CPM/CPC rates and of course better quality
support because we are aware that the contact with user is one of the most important things if we want to gain his/her trust.
Finally, please do not send us questions like “When I will receive my payment” or “When is the payment day”.
So far we are unable to respond such questions, they only slows down our work on system improvement.
For the whole PromoteBurner.com team I thank You for Your trust and I am looking forward to
further comfortable co-operation.

“Kalau teman² kurang paham bahasa nenek moyang diatas ini, mungkin bisa menggunakan Google Translate 😀 “

Inti dari email tsb adalah bahwa ada pergantian pemilik/owner promoteburner sehingga menyebabkan keterlambatan pembayaran PromoteBurner pada dari bulan Maret dan April kemaren. Pemilik yang lama janjinya akan membayar pada tanggal 3 Mei, tapi hingga saat ini belum ada kejelasan. Jadi promoteburner meminta para penggunanya untuk bersabar, pasti akan dibayarkan komisi CPM kita tapi entah itu kapan (Lahhh kalau tahun depan, mending tak copot dulu bannernya :malu2 )

Semoga dengan postingan ini teman² tidak bertanya-tanya lagi kapan akan menerima komisi dari PromoteBurner.. Keputusan ada di tangan anda 😀 mau melepas banner promoteburner atau tetap setia pada promoteburner hehehe…

Go Go Blog!

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