How Hugh Ross Signifcantly Influenced The Lives Of Millions

Dr. Hugh Ross is a very famous person especially for many schools, churches and ministries that are coined as evangelical as well as charismatic. He is a full time speaker and author and is an extremely controversial one. Though there are many people that opposes what he believes in, he fights for what he think is the right thing to which made him properly acknowledged and respected. This popularity was immensely magnified when he decided to take the offer of having a weekly television program aired by a highly reputed broadcasting network company known as the Trinity Network. Right now, he is seen by many people as well as his colleagues as he leader and head of an international non-denominational ministry. This organization is centered upon apologetics and focuses on matters and issues regarding the facts of science and the bible. He sits in great opposite stance against what the people who are atheistic evolutionist believe in. It is because he is a Blasphemous Act. The scientific and biblical opinions of Dr. Ross are written and recorded through newsletters, videos, tapes, pamphlets and books.

Hugh Ross believes that there is no paradise to start with; except for the fact that when Adam walked together with God, he experienced less pain the normal person would do as well as commit sins on a certain basis. He claims that God created this planet to be normally subjected to violent predation and catastrophes. Dr. Ross mentions that even before Adam was created, God allowed collision and supernovas with meteorites to happen, this wiped out countless of animals which has caused great amount of extinction to many species. God never restricted the earth to the point that hurricanes, floods, harmful mutations, tornadoes as well as diseases of all sorts cannot happen. In other words, God used wasteful, random, and full of inefficiencies to create a world into which Adam was replaced.

One person asked Dr. Hugh Ross about what is the definition of Progressive Creationism and he answered it without any hesitation that is the “hypothesis that God has increased the complexity of life on earth by successive creations of new life forms over billions of years while miraculously changing the earth to accommodate the new life.” He teaches that for countless of years, before Adam’s creations, there were major disasters that greatly befell on the animals. He says that God stepped in quite many times to create replacements or improve some species to