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Google Chrome 9 Stable

Google has released version 9 of the Chrome browser, Chrome features a new Instant Search feature now supports, increase the speed at loading Web pages. Other upgrades include support WebGL to display 3D graphics with hardware-accelerated, as well as access to the Google Chrome Web Store, a new service from Google.
Chrome Users do not need to do anything to upgrade to version 9, Users only need to download and application of new versions will be installed automatically.With Instant feature enabled, the web page will be loaded immediately after you type the URL in the search box (or in Google terms is called “omnibox”).

Support WebGL bring hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to your browser – without requiring additional software. Google’s Body Browsers, for example, using WebGL to employ the GPU to accelerate rendering of 3D computer graphics.
Finally, users of Chrome in the United States can now access the Chrome Web Store, there is a link to the store on New Tab page,plus two sample applications. If you ignore the sample application,two application examples that will disappear by itself.
Overall, Chrome 9 adds some interesting upgrades while retaining the speed and simplicity that makes Google’s browser is so interesting.
For those who want to try Google’s browser, please download it here or if you already have a Google Chrome please to update it on the page About Google Chrome

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