Dr. Hugh Ross: Science and Faith, Intertwined

Dr. Hugh Ross is an author and speaker that is increasingly popular amongst the charismatic and evangelical churches, ministries and as well as schools. His popularity also was reinforced when he started having a weekly television program on the reputed Trinity Broadcasting Network. He is currently the head or a leader of a non-denominational worldwide ministry that deals with the apologetics. This group focuses about topics regarding the issues regarding biblical and scientific facts. He is in stance versus the atheistic evolutionism and teaches Progressive Creationism. The scientific and biblical opinions of Dr. Ross can be found actual through his countless audio tapes, pamphlets, videos, books and newsletters; wherein some of those will be listed in this article.

One of the basic assumptions of Dr. Hugh Ross is that the Universe is Billions of years old. It is safe to say that the statement provided above is his primary belief that paves the way for most of his teachings. He always stresses out the fact that the universe is very old; he shares this belief with many other Progressive Creationists who strictly states that the size of the universes as well as other astronomical discoveries proves this beyond reasonable doubt. He sees other suggestions from science that the earth as well as the universe could possibly young as a nonsensical statement.

Another fascinating belief of Dr. Hugh Ross is that he does not acknowledge that the Garden of Eden was free of death, degeneration and suffering or in short, a world that is created in perfection. He believes and he is certain that death and degeneration existed from the start and that it has remained constant for billions of years. He also showed his rejection to believe that man’s fall to sin and the great flood resulted to mass physical changes in the earth’s nature. Moreover, his interpretation of Genesis chapters 1 to 9 is just as fascinating as the aforementioned. He claims that the universes started when God engineered the “big bang’ theory about 17 billion years ago, and he also claims that this theory has been proven to be a fact. He also teaches that the stars, moon and the sun were not created on the fourth day of creation which is in contrast to what the scripture says.

He states that most of the stars were already existing quite long before the earth has been created. His calculations were approximately 10 to 15 billion years of stellar evolution. His spiritual journey all started when he was young and he found himself being interested with universe and all the cosmic bodies that were involved with it. He was able to achieve heights as an astrophysicist and he saw his calling in faith when he studied all the religions of the world and the scriptures that come along with it. After comparing it all, the Holy Bible stood out of the crowd and proved to be accurate to historical and other scientific facts.