Artav Antivirus

Artav Antivirus

ARTAV Antivirus and Internet Security (Virus Protection) is an Indonesian anti-virus created by Arrival Dwi Sentosa, the son of Indonesia the which is still sitting in 2nd grade junior high school. Anti-virus ARTAV, has been user downloaded both from Indonesia and other countries. Until now ARTAV been downloaded 26.267 times by computer users.
Antivirus ARTAV started from a hobby to play the game and thedesire of Arrival to fix computers Damaged his father, WHO always attacked by computer viruses. Until now ARTAV already comes with the latest version, the which is ARTAV Version 2.5

Some features that are seeded from ARTAV Internet Security is:

  • Intelligent Scan Engine
  • Has the Tools Complete (Firewall, RTP, RealTime Scanning, etc.)
  • Firewall is the Protection of Internet connection and you especiallyMS Outlook Emails
  • Heuristiv Arrs1, Arrs2, Arrs3, vbs with high accuracy
  • Unicode Approximately 70% (Still Not Perfect)
  • Registry FIX. where this feature is not available in other local-antivirus antivirus.

For those who wonder what kind of action from the Anti-Virus, please directly go to the official website ARTAV Internet Security in

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