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5 Popular Software Applications For Returning College Students

Returning college students should know that there are many software applications that can serve to make their return to the fold more pleasant. These software programs can help students manage their studies, their lives, and their computers. Here are 5 popular software applications for returning college students.


Studayrails is a calendar software application that is truly exceptional. Instead of just allowing you to put everything that you have to do into a convenient calendar format, Studyrails takes this information and runs with it. It will plan a study schedule for you so that you will be ready for your big test and it will make sure that you have time in your schedule to complete all your other assignments too. You can enter in your extracurricular activities as well and Studyrails will help you to plan around them. You can even set it up so that you get text alerts on your phone. This is one incredible software application.


Flash cards have long been the faithful companions of students of all ages and they have managed to stay around this long because they are effective study aids. Quizlet is a software application that helps you to make flash cards of your own. You can include as little or as much information as you want to try to squeeze on your flash cards and you can make a lot of these flash cards without spending a lot of time doing it.

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus is a popular antivirus program that is totally free. Whenever you are going to be using your computer to search the internet then you need to have protection. With the amount of time that you are likely to spend on the internet as a returning college student, you need quality protection and this is it. This free antivirus program gives you everything you could want. You get protection from all those viruses that are floating around out there and you get it for free.

Mozy Online Backup

Mozy Online Backup is a tool that every returning college student needs to have from day one. This application backs up all your most important files so that you never need to worry about your computer going bonkers and you losing those assignments that you have worked so hard on. If it gets to the point where you need the company behind this application to send you a DVD with all of your data then they will do just that. Professors these days expect students to plan for computer problems so use Mozy Online Backup so that you never have to be one of those students trying to explain that their computer ate their homework.

Google Chrome

Saving the best for last, you need Google Chrome. Google Chrome is arguably the best internet browser available at the moment and that means that you need to have it. It has all kinds of great features but one of the best is its ability to isolate tabs that freeze so that you don’t have to put all your work on hold until one stubborn tab decides to get with the program.

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